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Our motivation for developing this program…

From the knowing – to the doing – to the being

Do you sometimes find yourself regretting not making time for an activity that you were really keen to participate in? Would you like to invest a little more of your time, or your whole family’s time, undertaking fun activities while learning about basic principles of mental fitness? Would spending more quality time with family and friends, while creating respectful relationships with like-minded people, enhance your current life input, output and overall satisfaction?

We have designed the A-Z to getting mentally fit to present an opportunity to have a crack at those things you, if you’re anything like us, have previously only threatened to do!! This only requires that we all compassionately give ourselves permission to re-energise by engaging in enjoyable activities, which will have a positive effect on our personal health and life satisfaction.

Here is the opportunity to participate in a free program, where you could positively satisfy these outcomes, which will be of great value to you, your family, work colleagues or friends?

Come on then, let’s get amongst it!! 

So…how will this program roll out?

Our A-Z of getting mentally fit is a 12-month program that will run from January to December 2021. Whilst it would be brilliant, and greatly beneficial, if you could participate in all 26 fortnightly activities, there is no obligation to do so. You have total control of how, when and with who you enjoy this program.

The A-Z to getting mentally fit will consist of 26 fortnightly activities, which will look like this:

  • Each fortnightly activity will follow the standard letters of the alphabet from A-Z.
  • You will creatively select and participate in an activity of your choice each fortnight that begins with the fortnight’s letter.
  • For example: You could choose to do Archery (we hopefully are) for your letter A activity , which will take place in the first fortnight (20Jan-2Feb) of the program.
  • Throughout the fortnightly duration of each activity, we will invite participants to upload photos, thoughts, comments, or any relevant insights they may have had during the activity period to the A-Z to getting mentally fit Facebook group page. We will encourage participants to freely engage in discussions associated to the mental fitness article that accompanies each fortnightly activity.
  • This is completely optional, and there is certainly no obligation, to participate in the interactive Facebook group if you don’t feel you need to. In saying this, we would ideally love to create a platform for encouraging participants to interact and get the maximum benefits and knowledge out of the Program. This will also act to keep us accountable for doing these activities ourselves.
  • At the launch of each fortnight, we will include a short article that addresses a relevant mental fitness topic. Where appropriate, we may also include recommended readings on the specific topic. Participants will be encouraged to discuss these articles within the Facebook group, which Emily (Get Mentally Fit’s Principal Psychologist and Co-Founder) will host.

What’s cool is…by this time next year we will have all:

  • have undertaken 26 new activities and invested far more enjoyable, quality, time in ourselves, our families or with friends/new friends. This will enable us to effectively embed valuable, constructive mental fitness habits into our life.
  • learnt reliable mental fitness concepts that can be skilfully implemented into your life, while potentially cultivating this knowledge with family members, friends, or colleagues.
  • had an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a psychologically safe, enjoyable, and supportive environment.

The Alphabetic letters will be released fortnightly each Wednesday lunchtime with the first release, which is A on Wednesday 20 January.

How do you join the program?

Either e-mail us direct at moreinfo@getmentallyfit.com.au or request to join directly through the A-Z to getting mentally fit group Facebook page.

We’re super pumped to start this mental fitness journey with everyone next Wednesday.

Cheers, Emily and Scott

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