A-Z to getting mentally fit – Welcome!

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Welcome to the program

We’re really excited that you have committed to partaking in our A-Z program. We see the beginning, and our role in this, as like a dandelion being blown and the seeds (you the participants) freely floating to where they will grow. Enjoy the program and we hope that this activity will form part of your routine to mental fitness throughout 2021.

Who is Get Mentally Fit?

Check us out here… https://www.getmentallyfit.com.au/our-story/

In all our programs, our aim is to effectively support all clients in learning, developing, internalising and practicing the knowledge and skills, that will enable then to enjoy life-long mental fitness.

Why are we running the A-Z program?

Let’s face it, 2020 had its own set of unique challenges for everyone.

We feel that offering this program is one way that we can contribute to enhancing the lives of those who come along for the ride with us in 2021.

*Facilitating this program is also the perfect vehicle to keep us accountable to adding regular activities into our personal lives, which has been proven to help sustain life enjoyment.

How we see the A-Z program rolling out…

Starting on Wednesday 20th January 2021, we will release a letter, in order of A-Z, every fortnight. This will be delivered via the A-Z to getting mentally fit Facebook group @https://www.facebook.com/groups/733971514213947.

Accompanying each letter (A-Z), we will also release an appropriate article on mental fitness that will expose, and support the acquisition of, fundamental concepts and knowledge around positive psychology, social and emotional learning and neuroscience.

Who is this A-Z program designed for?

This program has been designed for anyone, including groups of people, so they can enjoy a FREE platform from which to undertake regular, fun activities while subsequently learning and embedding positive mental fitness habits.

Theoretical foundation of the A-Z program

The PERMA model encapsulates the core foundational values that will guide this program. Dr Martin Seligman’s theoretical model of wellbeing (PERMA) clearly defines the elements, and what we can do to maximize each element, to promote life satisfaction and flourishing.

Perma Image

Please take the time to introduce yourself to the PERMA model and Dr Martin Seligman via the links provided below. This will help you establish a focus on the intended outcomes of the A-Z program.

Elements of PERMA definedhttps://positivepsychology.com/perma-model/

Seligman on PERMAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqqHUxzpfBI

How do you participate in the A-Z program?

There are no limitations to how this program can be participated in. It is open to your interpretation, creativity, and preference, so be innovative and have some fun. You may freely choose to participate every fortnight or once a month. However, it is important that your participation develops a positive habit in your fortnightly routine.

You can interchangeably undertake activities on your own, with family members, different friends, colleagues and professional networks, or even each other. 

*Enabling the potential to form positive relationships is commonly known to facilitate enjoyment, and in turn wellbeing and life satisfaction.

What is the end goal for us?

We are aiming to generate mindful conversations around the fortnightly mental fitness articles, via the Facebook group page. Emily, principal Psychologist at Get Mentally Fit, will be actively involved in clarifying and extending these conversations with the group where required, at set times.

We hope to see photos of, and hear stories about, what everyone has been up to during the fortnightly activity periods on the A-Z Facebook group page.

*What are the actual elements that promote happiness within each of us and how can we foster communities that prioritize humans who thrive together? We hope to facilitate a pro-active response to this question via this program!!

What is the end goal for everyone?

At the conclusion of this A-Z program we are aiming for participants to have skilfully identified and enjoyed the benefits of taking part in these regular, fun, healthy, informative activities.

We are excited about kicking things off and we feel grateful to having an opportunity to participate in the A-Z to getting mentally fit with everyone. Get set….

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