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Get Mentally Fit

About This Program

Develop skilful self-awareness

The Get Mentally Fit program is designed to strategically develop an individual’s ability to effectively respond to stress, pressure, opportunity and challenge. This is achieved by clients undertaking customised modules of learning, based on their identified needs. You will learn about various interventions, tools and techniques that mentally tough individuals benefit from.

You will initially complete an MTQ-Plus questionnaire, which is designed to measure an individual’s mental toughness. Ultimately, it measures how people think, which directly effects their mental fitness. A report from this questionnaire is debriefed by a Get Mentally Fit psychologist.

This program helps to identify and pro-actively improve what aspects of an individual’s thinking is preventing, or hindering, them from attaining wellbeing or leading a more positive life.

The MTQ-Plus

Enabling us to carry out two key tasks:

Initially, clients undertake an MTQ-Plus questionnaire, which will measure their unique behavioural attributes. This allows us to reliably, and accurately, evaluate a client’s results so we can appropriately customise their Get Mentally Fit learning session objectives.

  • A Diagnosis – to make informed decisions about you and your skills, attributes and behaviour. This enables us to accurately select interventions that will be targeted at enhancing your Mental Fitness. This process also enables us to reliably measure change or progress, relating to your mindset, attributes and behaviour.
  • An Evaluation – We can effectively measure the effectiveness of the interventions from our Programs and Services, where the MTQ-Plus is administered, which directs us to proactively refine their design.

This Program’s content is delivered via a combination of online tutorials with supporting resources, and/or expertly facilitated face-to-face instruction, by an accredited Get Mentally Fit psychologist.

Clients learn to practically embed evidence-based concepts relating to Positive Psychology, Mental Toughness, neuroscience, behaviour design, emotional intelligence, communication skills, Mindfulness and effective habit forming.

Program Objectives

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To support clients to measure their mental fitness and acquire the relevant knowledge and skills for positive, continual change.

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To guide clients to identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to develop these personal attributes.

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To encourage clients to develop a growth mindset in order to

sustainably acquire the habits of a mentally tough individual.

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To assist clients to create effective, practical, reproducible, behaviours that promote life-long mental fitness.

Program Content Overview

Once your needs are identified, from the results of the MTQ-Plus questionnaire, you will be advised to undertake the relevant customised modules of learning, relating to the 8 key Topic measures.

Your tailored program will be acutely targeted at strengthening the Topic areas that are preventing you from developing effective mental fitness practices and leading a more self-aware, enjoyable life.

The 8 Module Topics, developed from the 4 Scales (4 C’s), are designed to enhance the following areas:


An individual’s belief that they have a significant degree of control over their life and their circumstances.

Module 1: Emotional Control

This module is designed to increase your ability to manage your emotions and to affect the emotions of others around you.

Module 2: Life Control

This module is designed to enhance your belief that you can control the world in which you operate.


An individual’s orientation towards setting goals and targets for activities and their ability to prioritise, plan and organise to realise goals.

Module 3: Goal Orientation

This module is designed to improve your ability to set goals and targets for activities, and prioritise, plan and organise to realise them.

Module 4: Achievement Orientation

This module is designed to improve your approach to, and tenacity for, achieving your agreed goals.


An individual’s ability to view challenge as an opportunity and willingness to seek out such situations for self-development.

Module 5: Risk Orientation

This module is designed to encourage openness to change and new experience. You will be encouraged to explore how to be more open to learning, while also being prepared to manage risk.

Module 6: Learning Orientation

This module is designed to enhance your capacity for identifying opportunity where you previously may have identified a threat, and to build your resilience so you are not deterred so easily by setbacks.


An individual’s confidence and self-belief to complete a task. The ability to handle setbacks and likelihood to strengthen your resolve in order to get the job done.

Module 7: Confidence in abilities

This module is designed to increase your personal view of your worth while decreasing your need for external validation and increasing your optimism.

Module 8: Interpersonal Confidence

This module is designed to develop your assertiveness, ability to feel comfortable in social settings, and leadership. You will also develop the knowledge and skills to effectively handle difficult or awkward people.

Skills and Knowledge Acquired

You can expect to acquire the following skills and knowledge from undertaking the Get Mentally Fit program:

  • Discover your own Mental Fitness measures;
  • A positive sense of self-awareness and personal identity;
  • Effective self-management of your life, relationships, and learning;
  • A conscious understanding of behaviour design and habit formation;
  • A capacity to be intrinsically motivated;
  • Develop the attributes for developing a growth mindset;
  • Inherit the knowledge, skills, and values to establish and maintain healthy, satisfying, flourishing lives;
  • Develop a sense of hope and optimism about your life and future.

Program Outcomes

Clients can expect to have the enhanced skills and knowledge to personally continue to flourish, while embedding the sustainable behaviours that allow them to enjoy the benefits of enhanced mental fitness. 

Benefits you can enjoy from undertaking this program:

  • Identify what is preventing or hindering you from attaining wellbeing or leading a more positive life;
  • Sustain higher levels of positivity and confidence;
  • Develop a growth mindset;
  • Manage stress, pressure and anxiety effectively;
  • Control attention and deal with interruptions, while increasing your attention span;
  • Enjoy more energy and control over life events;
  • Set realistic and achievable goals and learn the skills to achieve them effectively;
  • Feel more satisfied with life;
  • Feel more engagement, creativity and agility at work.

Who is Suited to this Program?

This program is ideally suited to individuals who are motivated to build knowledge, skills and habits to consciously enhance their mental fitness. This program is designed to have a positive, intergenerational effect on anyone who undertakes it.

Program Duration

As the results from the MTQ-Plus report are unique, varying developmental needs will be identified from your results. 

A recommendation for your customised modules of learning will be identified during the 60 minute debrief with an accredited MTQ-Plus Psychologist.

On your agreeing to undertake these recommended modules of learning, which will consist of a combination of the 8 modules of learning available, you will commence your tailored program.

Each module, which addresses one of the 8 components of the Mental Toughness model, consists of:

  • a 60–minute, one-to-one coaching session, complimented by relevant, supporting, learning materials.
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