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The Strengths Circuit

What to expect

supporting positive change

The Strengths Circuit program provides an evidence-based, practical, framework that teaches you mental fitness skills, so you can ultimately enjoy high levels of life-satisfaction.

To achieve this outcome you will learn evidence-based, theoretical concepts relating to Positive Psychology, Mental Toughness, neuroscience, behaviour design, emotional intelligence, communication skills, Mindfulness and effective habit formation.

Every client enjoys a uniquely personalised program consisting of highly accountable, focused, learning objectives delivered in a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment.

The Program’s content is delivered via a combination of online tutorials, with supporting resources, and/or expertly facilitated face-to-face instruction (when available).


Program Objectives

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To support you to acquire a framework for positive,
continual change.
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To provide you with the effective tools and skills that will enhance your Mental Fitness.

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To guide you to identify and develop your strengths, to enable you to move from functioning to flourishing.

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To assist you to create embeddable, reproducible habits, that promote enhanced, sustainable wellbeing.

Program Content Overview

A four-stage Appreciative Inquiry process

Session One Discover

The best of ‘what is’ – the best of your past. You will identify your strengths and your Topic of inquiry, which is something affirming that you want to see more of in your life.

Session two Dream

‘What might be’ – the best possibilities for your future. You will complete the My Best Self exercise and identify what might be possible in your chosen life domains.

Session three Discover

‘What should be’ – the pathways to your goals. You will complete a Hope Mapping exercise while developing actions to move toward your goals. You will identify obstacles that you may encounter and ways to maintain motivation and willpower to overcome them.

Session four Deliver

What will be’ – the changes you most desire. You will create Daily Strength Habits to help sustain the change that you are creating.

Skills and knowledge Acquired

You can expect to acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Discover and understand your own strengths;
  • Develop a positive sense of self-awareness and personal identity;
  • Effective self-management skills to enhance your life, relationships, and learning;
  • Conscious understanding and implementation of behaviour design and habit formation;
  • Establishing and maintaining a healthy, satisfying, flourishing life;
  • Develop of a sense of hope and optimism about your future.

Program Outcomes

You can expect to have the enhanced skills and knowledge to personally continue to flourish – while sustainably enhancing your Mental Fitness. Benefits you can enjoy:

  • Develop systems for tracking the process for your change;
  • Increase wellbeing and reduced stress;
  • Higher levels of vitality and mental health;
  • Higher levels of positivity and confidence;
  • More energy and control;
  • Feeling more satisfied with life;
  • More engagement, creativity and agility at work;
  • Experiencing more meaning in civic life.

Who is Suited to this Program?

This program is ideally suited for individuals who are at a point in their life where they are questioning their direction, and authentic purpose and/or they are motivated to build knowledge, skills and habits to consciously design their own positive future.

Program Duration

This Program is informed by a critically selected combination of evidence-based research and positive psychology interventions that take the form of:
  • 4 fortnightly, 90 – minute coaching sessions, which follow the four Appreciative Inquiry (AI) stages.
  • 1 additional 60 – minute support session to assist with transference of learning, motivation, accountability, and implementation of your desired ‘Topic’.
Other program options
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Tsc Program Icon
The Strengths Circuit
The Strengths Circuit is designed to provide an evidence-based framework of tools that enable highly effective, continual, personal habit forming and positive change.
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Mmf Program Icon
Get Mentally Fit
This extended Program is designed to strategically develop an individual’s ability to effectively respond to stress, pressure, opportunity and challenge. This is achieved by clients undertaking customised modules of learning, based on their identified needs.
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Smf Program Icon
Student Mental Fitness
Our Student Mental Fitness program is designed, considering the Australian Curriculum, to enhance the Social and Emotional Capabilities of Secondary Students and Early Tertiary Students.

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