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Student Mental Fitness

Why this student program?

Academic and personal success

Too often, highly capable youth fail to achieve their potential at secondary school, because they simply haven’t got the targeted support, EI skills, or preventive strategies needed to self-manage their success.

Unfortunately, as a result, these students suffer poor academic performance, which predicts short-term problem behaviour, disengagement, and under-achievement. Unfortunately, long-term, this often derails their educational and occupational trajectories well into adulthood. 

We have consistently found that these students predominantly suffer due to a lack of both life control and personal confidence.

The good news is that students can learn and reliably develop these traits if given the appropriate professional support.

Expertly designed and delivered by a registered Secondary Teacher and a Psychologist, this program ultimately aims to ensure participating students have the skills to be prepared for, effectively respond to, and recover quickly from, external stressors.

We guarantee these outcomes by providing secondary students with practical, evidence-based, mental fitness strategies that ensure they can skilfully self-manage all aspects of their academic and personal life.

Program Objectives

We partner with students, and their parents or carers, to achieve four objectives.

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Develop the student’s knowledge of practical self-management skills and commitment.

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Enhance the student’s social-awareness and personal confidence.

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Develop the student’s self-awareness and emotional control.

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Develop the student’s social management and life control.

Program Content Overview

Students will complete 4 modules of learning, during an 8 week program, that are specifically tailored to enhance their ongoing knowledge and skills relating to the four program objectives. 

Students will learn practical skills that are framed by 4 key constructs: control, commitment, challenge, confidence.

This Program is undertaken in a small group of up to 16 students and is delivered via a combination of live online tutorials and face-to-face lessons.

Students will undertake a psychometric at the beginning of the program, to measure their mental fitness levels and to identify their individual learning needs.

Students will learn evidence-based concepts, and practical skills, relating to Positive Psychology, Mental Toughness, neuroscience, mindfulness and behaviour design, that will ensure they are better prepared for, respond more effectively to, and recover quicker from, external stressors.

All sessions are co-facilitated by a Psychologist and a registered Secondary Teacher.

Skills and knowledge Acquired

Students can expect to acquire the following skills, knowledge, and benefits from undertaking the Student Mental Fitness program:
  • Ability to explore and discover their own strengths, and capacities emotions and values;
  • Develop a positive sense of self-worth, self-awareness, and personal identity;
  • Learn to skillfully manage their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing;
  • Learn to consciously understand themselves and others and how to establish and maintain positive relationships;
  • Understand how to regulate their emotions and develop empathy for others;
  • Confidently work in teams, handle challenging situations constructively and develop leadership skills;
  • Develop their capacity to be intrinsically motivated learners;
  • Develop the attributes for practising a growth mindset;
  • Become creative and confident individuals;
  • Understand and cultivate attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy, and respect for others;
  • Effectively make informed, effective and responsible decisions;
  • Intuitively inherit the knowledge, skills, and values to establish and maintain healthy, satisfying, flourishing lives;
  • Self-manage their lives, relationships, and learn more effectively;
  • Establish, maintain and manage healthy relationships, preparing for their civil and professional lives;
  • Confidently develop a sense of hope and optimism about their life and future.

Program Outcomes

Students will develop the social and emotional skills, that will ensure they can better manage their academic and personal life.

They will learn to relate to others more effectively, develop resilience and a sense of self-worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork and feel more positive about themselves and the world around them.

Ultimately, students will realise significant improvement and success in their academic studies and enjoy more connected citizenship, higher levels of self confidence, and healthy levels of mental fitness and wellbeing.

Who is Suited to this Program?

This program is ideally suited to both male and female secondary students, and early tertiary students, who are keen to learn the practical mental fitness skills that will ensure they achieve greater academic success and overall levels of life satisfaction.

Program Duration

Students will undertake 8 weekly learning sessions, currently offered in Term 2 (April-June) or Term 3 (July-September).

The Program includes:

  • A psychometric questionnaire, including a 16 page development report
  • 7 x 90-minute, online live tutorials or face-to-face lessons
  •  All supporting learning materials and library of educational resources
  • A 60-minute, individual debrief, with the program facilitators, at the conclusion of the program
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Student Mental Fitness
Our Student Mental Fitness program is designed, considering the Australian Curriculum, to enhance the Social and Emotional Capabilities of Secondary Students and Early Tertiary Students.

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