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AI Workshops

We understand, like many other business decisions, choosing significant and effective training for yourself, and your team, is strategic.

As leaders and workplaces explore more effective ways to optimise the performance and citizenship of their people, they are increasingly applying the principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the 4D framework to facilitate this aim.

Deliberately following the AI model, for creating and forming collective, positive change, our AI workshops are uniquely designed to address your organisation’s specific aims and objectives. 

Our part in this process is to support the self-directed discovery, design, and sustainable implementation of your organisation’s desired topics for change.

How does the Appreciative Inquiry framework facilitate positive change?

“AI is not so much a shift in the methods and models of organisational change, but AI is a fundamental shift in the overall perspective taken throughout the entire change process to ‘see’ the wholeness of the human system and to “inquire” into that system’s strengths, possibilities, and successes.”

Stavros, Godwin, & Cooperrider (2015)

At the core of our AI workshops, we direct organisations, and their people, to leverage their strengths, to define and activate their collective language and vision, by stimulating effective action for positive, sustainable change.

Our AI workshops are consciously designed to accommodate specific industries, and their related restrictions. This ensures that we conveniently structure the regularity, times, and facilitation of your AI Workshop to suit your needs. 

Typically, individual workshop sessions are 2-3 hours in duration and are delivered over 4 sequential dates.

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Here are the advantages

Customised Content

Workshop content is designed to meet the organisation’s specific learning needs. We deliver evidence-based content and exercises, tailored to transform your current state of being to your desired state being. This means that your key learning outcomes, and identified objectives, are measurable.

Collective Learning

Your organisation and its stakeholders bring different experiences, strengths and skill sets to the work environment. By having a customized workshop delivered to your entire team simultaneously, participants learn key concepts and applications as a team. They are also given the forum to identify the benefits of applying these applications, while learning how to design structures and systems that will allow them to achieve their desired aims.

Maximise Convenience

You can schedule Workshop session dates, times, and a location that work best for your organisation. We are able to deliver at your business site, which is more cost effective as it eliminates, productivity disruptions, travel for your team, and food and accommodation costs.


Working pro-actively with our professional, qualified team, gives your team the ideal opportunity to successfully implement and embed the topics and systems, explored in your Workshop. You can also enjoy future guidance, and ongoing support and encouragement, from our team.

Training Add-Ons (Optional)

We can facilitate continuous, relevant learning opportunities for your team. By providing pre-training and post-training activities and programs, to optimise and sustain the ongoing effectiveness of your people, you can enjoy a highly measured approach to developing a growth culture.


At Get Mentally Fit we are always privileged to partner with business stakeholders, to support them in developing the knowledge and skills to enhance their personal and professional lives.


We design and deliver practical, democratic, pedagogically sound, AI Workshops that support your key business values and objectives.


AI Summits

Our Appreciative Inquiry Summits are ideally suited to organisations that have the luxury of time, and the foresight to dedicate this time, to undertake an intensive, rigorous, cultivating event, dedicated to realising a sustainable, positive shift.

While the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) framework was originally designed to unite large organizations over several days, to create change around a strategic need or opportunity, this framework has since proven ideally suited to facilitating diverse industries and client scale.

Our Summits are collaboratively tailored, with our partnering clients, to optimise the opportunities for them to identify, negotiate, and design their best possible outcomes, from the Summit. 

For the client, this process will establish the focused, sustainable habits that will produce the positive shift and effective change their staff and organisation prioritise. 

Our team create, and facilitate, a multidimensional, immersive, innovative, and safe, AI Summit program to encourage all stakeholders to skilfully, and respectfully, contribute to the process of forming desirable outcomes for their organisation.

The AI framework for our Summits succinctly follows the 4D model, Discover/Dream/Design/Deliver), for exploring this positive change.

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The AI framework delivers the initial momentum for sustainable change, by promoting social bonding, hope, inspiration, and the sheer joy of co-creating.

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A Summit is a generative process that unites stakeholders, enabling surprising configurations and connections of people’s hopes and strengths, while igniting self-organisation, to deliver agreed actions with speed, dexterity, and collaboration, rarely seen in alternative corporate renewal approaches.

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Individual Summit participants will identify and explore their personal strengths and the strengths of all group stakeholders.

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All Summit participants will collectively identify, explore, and celebrate, the strengths of their organisation, and what the organisation, and its various elements, are doing well.

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Participant’s visions of an organisations future are uncovered by using phrases like: Imagine everything went as well as it possibly could, what would it look like…?

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Summit participants will safely explore and share what they can imagine for themselves, their teams and their organisation. Appropriate time is given for stakeholders to vigorously brainstorm and openly gather ideas and possible topics, for enhancing their organisation.

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Summit participants will democratically map their individual and the organisation’s best possible self, which will set the topics of design for positive change.

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They will learn to embed the AI model’s framework of Discover/Dream/Design/Deliver, which will empower them to create sustainable practices to enjoy personal and professional growth. They will also be skilled to incorporate this process within their teams or departments.

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The Summit sessions are modelled to address specific challenges and opportunities for the Organisation, so that their prioritised topics can be strategically planned.

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All creative discussions and identified topics are compiled as artifacts. An optimistic sense of hope is generated to promote participants openly sharing their vision for themselves, their teams and the organisation .

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Relevant keynote speakers can be included throughout the Summit to compliment the organisation’s focus, which engages and inspires participant involvement.

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On conclusion of the Summit a Get Mentally Fit Psychologist will supply a comprehensive report clearly outlining the Summit’s findings, and a committed action plan, agreed upon by all stakeholders, for delivery of the targeted Topics for positive change.

Some Appreciative Inquiry Questions
Stimulating engagement
  • Based on the strengths you have just shared, if everything went as well as it possibly could over the next six months, what would be your proudest achievement?
  • If you were consistently achieving the Topics you have all identified, what would you personally, and the organisation, have achieved 12 months from now?
  • If you continue to have the kind of happy connections with others you have had in the past, what would your relationships look like two years from now?
  • If you could create a work environment that would be enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding, in the ways you’ve just described, what would you wish for? What would our workplace look like, sound like, feel like?

AI leads to transformational change when it addresses or creates enough disruption to evoke self-organizing processes that are focused on what is widely desired. Self-organizing processes are channeled in useful ways by, amongst other things, increasing the richness of social networks so that like-minded and motivated people find each other and are encouraged to ‘make something happen. (Gervase Bushe)


Pricing is dependent upon the following:

  • Number of participants in attendance;
  • Length and structure of the Workshop or Summit;
  • The number of AI facilitators and/or trainers needed to successfully deliver your desired outcomes;
  • The location of the training;
  • Training expenses (e.g. travel, printing, instructional materials, etc.);
  • Pre- and/or Post- workshop activities (optional);
  • Complexity of final report, of workshop outcomes and identified future recommendations, requested.

Transition to another
get mentally fit Program
or Service

We have purposely designed many of our Programs and Services to effectively compliment each other.

On completion of an AI Workshop or Summit, individuals or organisations can further benefit by undertaking a customised program or service that can enhance their depth of practical knowledge and understanding around the principles of mental fitness:


As individual participants acquire the foundational knowledge of the AI framework, undertaking a Workshop or Summit, they are ideally positioned to implement this approach to explore more specific topics.

For example, by transitioning to either the Strengths Circuit or Get Mentally Fit programs, or the Leader Support service, clients can greatly enhance their understanding and application of mental fitness practices.


To maintain the momentum created by an AI Workshop or Summit, Organisations can seamlessly transition their teams to an ongoing Lunch & Learn Circuit or Mental Fitness Workshop to more deeply explore their chosen topics.

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