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Leadership is really, really challenging and often debilitatingly difficult. However, leading people can also be incredibly exciting and exponentially satisfying when you see people effectively working as a high functioning team to achieve purposeful outcomes.


We are consistently asked by business leaders – ‘how can they most effectively deal with overwhelm, stress and distraction in the workplace?’

It has been consistently proven that mentally tough leaders respond more positively to stress, challenge, and pressure, regardless of their circumstances.

* Would you like to learn a proven way to develop the characteristics of a mentally tough leader, increasing productivity and improving company culture?

* How would it feel to enjoy skilful professional control and enjoy greater life satisfaction?

Do these challenges and outcomes resonate with you?

Yes! Well in response, we have designed this program for motivated leaders, looking to pro-actively develop, and maintain, greater clarity of thought and habits to simultaneously achieve professional success while enjoying a better home life.


– 2 X Mental Toughness Questionnaires (MTQ-Plus) exploring the key components of your Mental Toughness (pre/post);

– 2 X Development reports, that outlines the results from your MTQ-Plus Questionnaire;

– 2 x 60 minute debriefs with an accredited Psychologist, to interpret your MTQ-Plus results and your individual Leader Support plan;

– 6 x 1 hr Leader Support sessions customised to support your individual needs (sessions are available face-to-face or via video conference);

Sound like we could support your leadership?


Unfortunately, no-one is essentially blessed with leadership skills. What we do know is ‘a leader’s mental toughness explains up to 25% of the variation in their performance’.

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Developing Leader intrapersonal skills: e.g., self-confidence, self-esteem, adaptability and flexibility, and resilience.

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Developing Leader interpersonal skills: e.g., communication skills, emotional intelligence, providing critique.

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Ways to improve Mental Fitness and psychological wellbeing: energy management and stress management.

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Understanding human behaviour and habit formation.

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Creating positive change and flourishing teams.

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Building cultures of psychological safety.

Transition to another
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We have purposely designed many of our Programs and Services to effectively compliment the Leader Support service. 

We have found that Leader Support clients have effectively transitioned to:


On completion of their Leader Support program, clients have often chosen to continue individual, quarterly support sessions that are designed to deepen their knowledge and skills developed throughout the Program.

Whole Team

Having experienced the personal benefits of our Leader Support program, clients are often justifiably motivated to work with us to improve the effectiveness of their team. Our various services can ideally provide a platform for teams to skilfully and safely explore ways to positively progress together.

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