Lunch & Learn Circuit

About this Service

Our Lunch & Learn Circuit consists of a coordinated series of workshops, aimed at enhancing whole team mental fitness and functioning. 

Designed with your business’s relevant stakeholders, to ensure these sessions satisfy your identified needs, a Lunch & Learn Circuit typically consists of a minimum of three (3), 1-hour face-to-face, sessions that accommodates up to 20 people.

This service is ideally suited to businesses, short on time, who are seeking ‘short bite sized’ training sessions on evidence-based mental fitness topics. A leader with positive intentions of supporting the effectiveness of their team, while pro-actively aiming to develop the personal and professional functioning of team members, is ideally suited to our Lunch & Learn Circuit.

A crucial purpose of us tailoring your Lunch & Learn Circuit sessions, is to ensure we use your Organisation’s existing language and build on its effective, pre-existing, processes. Understanding this ensures these sessions are not incongruent to the needs of your Organisation or overwhelming or confusing to your team.

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Developing mental fitness.

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Developing resilience and Grit.

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Building a culture of psychological safety.

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Managing personal and team energy and Flow.

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Stress management.

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Understanding human behaviour.

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Creating and embedding positive change.

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Creating effective, positive, sustainable habits.

Only Have a Small Team?

That is Exciting!

Forming a collective of like-minded, progressive, small teams, from diverse industries, naturally creates an innovative dynamic that we are always excited to support through these sessions. 

Such a collective always benefits from this naturally dynamic, innovative, environment. As a result of expanding the peer learning possibilities and interactive experience sharing, only available in such a forum, all participating team’s positively advantaged and their experience is consequently enhanced.

The cost effectiveness of sharing a relevantly tailored Lunch and Learn Circuit, with comparably sized teams, is also a advantageous.

The dynamically innovative nature of these collaborative sessions essentially cultivates the problem-solving capabilities of all participating teams.

Transition to another
get mentally fit Program
or Service

We have purposely designed many of the our Programs and Services to effectively compliment a transition from the Lunch & Learn Circuit.

We have experienced this with individuals, and whole teams, transitioning to:


On conclusion of the Lunch & Learn Circuit sessions, individuals can effectively transition to our Strengths Circuit or Get Mentally Fit programs or Leader Support service.

Whole Teams

Having experienced the benefits of participating in the Lunch & Learn Circuit, organisations can seamlessly transition to a Mental Fitness Workshop or Seminar, or an Appreciative Inquiry Workshop or Summit. This transition offers an organisation the opportunity to further discover how their team can skilfully  design how to enhance their own performance.

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