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Mental Fitness Workshops & Seminars

Create a Highly effective team

These Services are aimed at introducing an organisation or team to the core concepts relating to mental fitness. Participants will receive an evidence-based, framework of tools, and supplementary supporting resources, which are designed to help them acquire this knowledge.

More specifically, the design of these Workshops and Seminars draws on Positive Psychology, neuroscience, Mindfulness, Mental Toughness, Flow, and practical evidence-based psychological principles supporting skilful mental fitness management.

Workshops and Seminars can be customised to satisfy the learning objectives, and demographic, of any organisation or group of people. These services can represent anything from a short 2 hour to a full-day session, depending on a client’s individual aims and objectives.

Popular Workshop and Seminar Topics
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Practical ways to develop Mental Fitness.

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Building a culture of psychological safety.

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Mental health first aid in the workplace.

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Supporting smoother positive organisational change.

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Mindfulness at work.

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Managing personal and team energy and flow.

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Dealing effectively with difficult people & situations.

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Creating effective, sustainable habits.

Transition to another
get mentally fit Program
or Service

We have purposely designed our Mental Fitness Workshops & Seminars to logically transition into many of our other Programs and Services.

This offers clients the potential to deepen their knowledge and skills in order to developing greater self-awareness of mental fitness principles.


An individual, having undertaken a Mental Fitness Workshop or Seminar, can look to transition to either our Strengths Circuit or Get Mentally Fit programs. For leaders, they may choose to undertake our Leader Support program.

Teams and Small Groups

Many clients are keen to build on the knowledge learnt at a Mental Fitness Workshop and Seminar. Our Appreciative Inquiry Workshops offer a more rigorous platform to do this, as they explore techniques relating to team functioning in a more targeted way. 

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