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For the practical activity this fortnight, we are going to create 3 life M-ottos. This activity will not only support us to develop healthy future thinking and behaviours but we will willingly encourage our clients to adopt these same mottos if they are appropriate to them.

How exciting is M?

Whether it’s M-ountain biking; visiting a M-useum; catching the latest M-ovie; or listening to your favourite M-usic (LOUD!!!); booking in for a M-assage; getting involved in some M-otorsport; or ambling around your local M-arket, make time for yourself this fortnight and enjoy yourself.

We are adamant that the ‘how’ is central to developing the habits for mental fitness. Evidence-based, practical exercises and professional support is critical to this process. Our aim for offering this free program is to facilitate a platform that supports this outcome and is available to the whole community regardless of their circumstances.

At Get Mentally Fit, we passionately offer customised programs and services, which have a more targeted focus on educating people on effective thinking, which positively correlates with healthy behaviours and nervous systems.

Contact us to inquire into how we can further support you to reliably measure, and skilfully cultivate your thinking, which in turn leads to calm, more positive, actions in your personal and professional life.

What is the focus of this fortnight’s article?
MENTAL IMAGERY – the ultimate line of defence

We all have countless opportunities to effectively employ practical mental imagery to calm our nervous system and interrupt negative thought processes. Whether you practice mantra meditation or another style, you’ll often see many of the same benefits, including: increased self-awareness. reduced stress and a greater sense of calm.

In this TEDx below, Dr. Shauna Shapiro’s thoughtfully connects modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to demonstrate how mindfulness can help us make positive changes in our brains and our lives.

CHANGES IN THE BRAIN – Focussing on Matras

Mantras are positive words or phrases that you utter repeatedly to break negative thought processes or quieten your mind when stressed. This practice has many positive benefits and scientific studies have found that chanting mantras for 10 minutes daily can decrease anxiety and depressive symptoms in the human body.

Using a mantra while you’re meditating helps suppress the thoughts and distractions that arise (as discussed in the video above) and gives you a tool to use when you’re not meditating. 

Key benefits of practicing mantras include:

  • decrease in stress and overwhelm in your mind;
  • improved attention levels and positively change your mood;
  • increase to your concentration and memory;
  • improved clarity of thinking and better decision making;
  • increased confidence and self-esteem.

Some insights into mantras and chanting below…


Why is it so easy to forget our noble goals —exercising for health, meditating for peace of mind, or eating healthier? Distraction, temptation, and coping with the immediate problems of the day tend to derail these goals.

When this happens to you, what can you do?

By definition, a motto is a brief statement “used to express a principle, a goal, or an idea” or a statement “adopted as a guide to one’s conduct.”

Complicated ideas get lost in space; simple mottos can help you remember what’s really important in an instant.

Try Emily’s favourite mottos for these specific goals:

  • health – ‘go with your goals not how you feel‘…
  • meditating – ‘this is my time for quiet to re-energising‘…
  • eating healthier – ‘eat mindfully to nourish my body‘…

Dig a little deeper…

* These resources are ideally to support a deeper dive into the concepts discussed above.

9 Reasons You Need a Personal Motto – Psychology Today

Helpful Apps:

* Smiling Minds

* Headspace

* Aura

* Meditation minis

Helpful Podcasts

* Daily meditation

* Mindful kind

Have an enjoyable fortnight and thank you for coming on the A-Z to getting mentally fit journey with us.

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