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Mental Fitness Check Questionnaire

You know the importance of getting your teeth, eyes or health checked yearly.

Before you go, are you mostly unaware of possible tooth decay, issues with cholesterol, or that you may need for a referral to a specialist to have something checked out?

Regardless of how you think you feel, you go anyway, right?

How about an annual mental fitness check?

Given that to be physically strong you need to do physical fitness. We know, to be mentally strong you need to do mental fitness.

But where do you start?

Do you regularly consult a professional , to monitor your mental health? This will ensure that you mitigate the negative effects of life stressors.

Our mental fitness check takes the guess work out of identifying your current level of mental fitness. Contact us to undertake your mental fitness check.

This process ensures you can start to learn the most appropriate, practical, strategies to help you build and enjoy life-long mental fitness.

What does the check-in questionnaire specifically measure?

Our reliable questionnaire measures your mental fitness levels by drilling down into how you currently perceive and respond to stress, pressure, and challenge. It measures your current levels of:

Control – to what extent you believe you control and shape what happens to you

Challenge – to what extent you see challenges, change, adversity and variety as opportunities or as threats

Commitment – to what extent you will “make promises” and keep those promises

Confidence – to what extent you believe you have the ability to deal with what you will face.

N.B. This questionnaire is also a highly effective recruitment tool and is undertaken at the start of our Leader Support program.

Mental Fitness Check inclusions

Service Icncludes Icon

Mental Toughness Questionnaire.

Service Icncludes Icon

A diagnostic report that clearly identifies your current mental fitness levels, and developmental suggestions.

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A 60-minute debrief with an accredited, Get Mentally Fit, psychologist, who practically interprets your report with you. 


Wellbeing Assessment

Our Wellbeing Assessment service is aimed at empowering leaders to support their people. 

If you value enhancing the performance, resilience, mental fitness, and overall wellbeing of your people, our Wellbeing Assessment service is ideally designed to help you support you, and your people, to achieve these outcomes.

This Service includes

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A psychometric questionnaire.

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A clinical, Wellbeing Assessment, interview with a Get Mentally Fit Psychologist.

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A clearly defined Wellbeing Assessment report, summarising our practical wellbeing recommendations for the client.

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A comprehensive debrief, facilitated by an accredited Get Mentally Fit Psychologist, that professionally, and practically interprets the results.

Transition to another
get mentally fit Program
or Service

We have purposely designed many of our Programs and Services to support clients wishing to transition from their Wellbeing Assessment.

The Wellbeing Assessment enables us to carry out two key functions:


This specific assessment reliably highlights a person’s current wellbeing and functioning, which initially ensures that they are adequately supported. At this interval, further need for proactive support can be effectively identified.


Having the luxury to identify a client’s individual wellbeing needs affords us the ability to confidently and accurately suggest customised recommendations, for interventions, that can support a client’s wellbeing needs.

Have some questions?

Psychometric questionnaires are a valid and reliable, scientific, method of measuring someone’s mental capabilities, behavioural style and qualities.

Undertaking this psychometric questionnaire will support you to identify, develop and exploit your personal traits. The results will accurately inform our customisation of your mental fitness needs.

You can expect to gain greater insight into your current cognitive abilities, and your behavioural tendencies.

Some of the key concepts you will measure undertaking this questionnaire/assessment include:

  • Your level of Control, Confidence and Commitment and your perception of Challenge;
  • Your levels of positive emotion, engagement, and meaning;
  • Your mental fitness level and how this correlates to a growth mindset;
  • How you deal with stress, and pressure.
Ready to improve your mental fitness?


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