Mental wellbeing tools for ‘The Festive Season’

Festive Season Toolkit

Survive the impending holiday hustle 

In recent years there’s been non-stop talk about stress management, workplace wellbeing, mental health, and work-life balance. However, as we approach the end of the first ‘business as usual’ year since Covid you may be noticing people fatiguing from increased work, home, and financial pressures. We’ve certainly identified this issue talking with people. 

So…we’ve taken time out to pass on some proven tools that will help you avoid any negative issues during the Festive Season hustle. Discover practical strategies to manage stress, increase work-life satisfaction, and survive this time of year with clarity and an open heart.

Be there for everyone

Laughter and Play – mental fitness superfood

Let’s explore the great psychological health benefits of incorporating more play and laughter into our professional and personal life.

When we laugh with colleagues, or friends and family, we’re not just having fun, we’re serving up a powerful hormone cocktail that can literally change our – and their —brain chemistry for the better, on the spot.

Read this article to learn how to get primed for connection, more creative and resourceful and resilient to stress.


Respect your limits

SAYING NO is better than O.K!!

It consists of just two little letters, but the word “no” can have a big impact on your relationships with others—and with yourself. Too little “no” at this time of the year and you might overbook your schedule and bring on too much stress in the process. 

‘Wielded wisely, no is an instrument of integrity and a shield against exploitation.’

No! often takes courage to say and it’s hard to receive. But setting limits sets us free.

Preventing Burnout

The Health benefits of being quiet

Finding peace and quiet at this time of the year

Finding peace and quiet in modern times can be a challenge. However, consciously practicing silence and quiet provides significant physical and psychological health benefits.



5 Tips for surviving your family at Christmas

A survival guide to your family Christmas

As Christmas is fast approaching, and many of us struggle to navigate families at Christmas, what can we do to survive this year?

Life Control

Every success to you, from us

Enjoy a season of festive delights and a profound sense of inner peace, and may these tools help to guide you towards this outcome.

Our workforce solutions are designed to support people to enjoy healthier personal success. Learn more acute emotional intelligence skills, align your behaviours with your intentions, and have a greater influence over others.

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Wishing you a safe, joyous, and mentally rejuvenating run up to the festive season!


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