The building blocks of mental wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing Building Blocks
Spotlight on mental wellbeing

Some people call it resilience. Some people call it grit. But whatever you call it, improving your mental wellbeing, for better brain health, is the best thing you can do to unlock a happier life.

Firstly, let’s Tune in

According to the Mental Health Month website, ‘tuning in means being present. It means being aware of what is happening within you, and in the world around you. Being present, by tuning in, has been shown to help build self-awareness, help make effective choices, reduce the impact of worry, and build positive connections. Embracing nature has been clinically proven to be a highly effective way to not only tune in but also help to protect your mental wellbeing.

Below, Sir David Attenborough explores the tangible effects that he has discovered from spending time in the natural world. He suggests that this can be achieved even in the most urban of environments.

The 6 building blocks to better mental wellbeing

Mental Health Month offer 6 building blocks to strong mental wellbeing, which are available via the links below.

Try incorporating a few wellbeing activities from each of these areas, even if you are thinking yeah I do those things, to improve your overall mental fitness and resilience.  

Congratulations on taking the time to improve your mental wellbeing.

Some more helpful mental wellbeing resources to share

It’s Wayahead’s vision to create a world where people can create their own best possible mental health. This will mean creating a world where all systems, structures, policies, and services support this vision.

Their entire resources, for Mental Health Month, are available here. Within these resources are: Packs, Fact sheets, Posters and a wellbeing Event Calander, for individuals, students and workplaces.

Mental Health Foundation Australia – has an amazing calander of industry specific events.

Check out Mental Health Australia’s personal wellbeing Calendar of Activities that are designed to encourage us to connect with others, have a bit of fun, and look after your mental health during October! #Lookafteryourmentalhealthaustralia

Want a customised mental fitness solution?

Whether working with individual clients, or teams of people, at Get Mentally Fit we aim to effectively support the embedding of sustainable, positive behaviour.

Our programs and services are designed to achieve specific outcomes for all clients.

Contact us direct to enquire into how we can support you through the process of enhancing your mental fitness.

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