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Mentally Healthy Workplace

Wellness at Work Report

The Current Workplace Landscape As you know, 2022 continues to provide unique challenges to organisations and employee wellbeing. Employment Hero (Australian SaaS company helping SMB’s)

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Digital Detox
Mental Fitness

Benefits of a digital detox

Do Digital Detoxes really work? Health experts are recommending periodic digital detox or an extended period without gadgets. This certainly isn’t surprising considering the restrictive

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Burnout Recovery

3 strategies to prevent burnout

During our regular working week we’re invariably stretched or fatigued due to work stress, family life, or personal commitments. As a consequent our empathy, creativity,

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Saying No
Developing Mental Fitness

Why saying no is healthy

Saying no is better than O.K  It consists of just two little letters, but the word “no” can have a big impact on your relationships

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Life Control

Gain more life control

Life control = a can-do attitude We all have the power to proactively respond to anything life throws at us. ‘Everything can be taken from

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Laughter And Play
Developing Mental Fitness

The benefits of laughter and play

Laughter and Play – mental fitness superfood Let’s explore the great psychological health benefits of incorporating more play and laughter into your professional and personal

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Habit Formation
Habit Forming

Secrets to habit formation

Effective habit formation? You usually have good intentions but you struggle to get new habits to stick? No-one has ever shared the secrets to highly

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Brain Chemicals

The 4 happy brain chemicals

Happy Hormones fuel your mental fitness The feeling that is called happiness is produced by the production of four brain chemicals: dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and

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